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What information is required to enroll a brand in Amazon Brand Registry?
To learn about what is required to enroll in Amazon Brand Registry, including a country-specific list of trademark requirements, please visit our eligibility page.
I want to enroll in Brand Registry but don’t have a trademark. How do I get started?
Amazon IP Accelerator can connect you with trusted IP law firms that provide high- quality trademark registration services at competitive rates.

Brands enrolled in IP Accelerator also get quicker access to Brand Registry benefits, even while your trademark application is pending.
Does Amazon Brand Registry provide Global Trade Item Numbers (GTIN/UPC/EAN/ISBN) exemption for my products?
Brand Registry does not provide GTIN Exemptions. Sellers can apply for GTIN Exemption through Seller Central. If your product is already listed on Amazon, you can list your offer on the existing product detail page and do not need to provide a GTIN. If your product is not listed on Amazon, you need to request a GTIN exemption. To learn how to list your offer, see Product Detail Pages and Offers. Please note that this link requires a Seller Central login.

Brand Registry enrollment error messages

I am trying to enroll in Amazon Brand Registry. Why am I receiving an error message?
There are a number of reasons why you might see an error message while trying to enroll in Brand Registry. Below are the most common error messages and what they mean.
Error message
Explanation and next steps
Due to your current account status, you are not eligible to enroll a new brand in Amazon Brand Registry at this time.
If you receive this error message, please log in to Seller Central to review your performance by going to the “Performance” page, then select Performance Notifications, and follow the instructions outlined in the notification email.

You can also log in to Brand Registry, and go to “Manage” in the navigation, select “Brand Applications” from the drop down, and click on “Ineligible” next to the brand application that was rejected.
You indicated that you’re a new customer, but an account already exists with the email you are trying to register.
This error indicates there is an existing account associated with the email address you are using to create a new Brand Registry account. You must use your Seller Central or Vendor Central account credentials when creating your Brand Registry account to ensure those accounts have access to the exclusive set of brand benefit tools available to brand owners.
If you plan to create a Seller Central or Vendor Central account with the credentials that you used to sign in to Brand Registry, please create that account first. Then, enroll in Brand Registry using the same credentials so that we can link the accounts. If you don't plan to create either of these accounts, continue with the Brand Registry enrollment process.
This error indicates that one of these items is true:
  • You’ve created a Seller or Vendor account, but aren’t currently signed in to that account. You must be signed in to your Seller or Vendor account and then sign in to Brand Registry using the same credentials.
  • You haven’t created or don’t want to create a Seller or Vendor account at this time. If that is the case, restart the enrollment process using the email you used to create a Brand Registry account. If you decide to create a Seller or Vendor account in the future, contact us to connect the account as a user to your Brand Registry account.
  • Please note that using your Seller Central or Vendor Central account credentials when creating your Brand Registry account grants you access to the exclusive set of brand benefit tools available to Selling Partners in Amazon Brand Registry.
When I was trying to add additional users to my brands through "User Permissions", the new users received a message that the request cannot be completed because they have been involved in abusive conduct.
  • The user should review their performance by logging in to Seller Central, go to “Performance”, select Performance Notifications, and work with Selling Partner Support to resolve the account-related issues. If their selling account is currently deactivated, they may appeal the action taken by clicking the “Reactivate your account” button in Account Health. This should be checked for all accounts in all stores.
  • If the user does not have a selling account or if the selling account of the new user is in active status, as the brand owner you can appeal by completing the form provided in the initial rejection message.
The trademark number you entered is in the incorrect format.
If you received this error message on the Brand enrollment page, please ensure you are correctly entering the trademark registration number before trying again. You can review the country-specific enrollment guidelines for your Brand Registry application here.
The trademark number you entered cannot be found for the trademark office you selected.
If you received this error message on the Brand enrollment page, please verify that the correct trademark registration number has been entered and select the correct trademark office before trying again. If your trademark was recently approved, it may require up to 4 days for the change to be reflected on this site. If your trademark was recently approved by the government trademark offices in India and Benelux, please allow up to 3 weeks for the change to be reflected on this site.

For more information, please review the Trademark errors section in Brand Registry.
There was a problem while creating your brand application.
This error message appears with any unexpected problem that arises while creating the application. Please refresh the page, clear cache and cookies, and try again after 15 minutes.
Something went wrong, please try again later.
Our system encountered an error. If the issue persists after 24 hours, contact us.

Brand Registry application

How can I check the status of my application?
To view the status of a submitted application, please log in to your Amazon Brand Registry account and visit your Case log.

To search and manage your existing Brand Registry applications, click “Manage” from the navigation bar and select Brand Applications. If you’ve created more than one application, you can refine the results by entering the trademark number or brand name in the search bar. You can also expand the “Status” and “Trademark office” drop-down menus to apply additional filters.

To learn more about the Brand Registry application process, please log in to your Brand Registry account and visit the Help section and the Brand Registry application FAQ.
How do I continue editing an application that is pending submission?
After logging in to Brand Registry, visit the Brand applications page, and find the application in the table that you want to continue editing. Click “Resume” in the “Actions” column to continue editing an application that is pending submission.
Can I edit an application that is pending review?
No. However, you can submit additional information to the application, such as trademark certificates and identity verification documents. To submit this information, log in to Brand Registry, click the application’s case ID on the Brand application page, select “Reply”, and upload the documents.
How can I submit a verification code?
To submit a verification code, log into your Amazon Brand Registry account and visit your Case log. Select the case for your Brand Registry application and reply to the case with the verification code.
Can I edit an application that has been rejected and resubmit it?
No. However, once you’ve identified the trademark details that need to be updated and are ready to reapply, you can copy the information entered in the original application into a new application. To do so, log in to Brand Registry, click “Manage” from the navigation, select “Brand applications”, and locate the original application in the table. Then, click “Copy.”

A new application will appear and auto-populate the trademark details from your original application. Correct the necessary trademark details and submit the new application.


Manage trademarks

How can I enroll another brand?
After creating your Amazon Brand Registry account and enrolling your first brand, you can enroll another brand at any time by clicking on Enroll a new brand from the home page of your account.
How can I add a new trademark for an enrolled brand?
To improve the effectiveness of our automated protections, we encourage you to add all active and registered trademarks for your enrolled brand(s) to your Amazon Brand Registry account. You can add a new trademark for an already enrolled brand, with the same mark name, by logging in to your account.

1. Click “Manage” on the navigation and select “Manage intellectual property” If you have more than one brand enrolled in Brand Registry, select the appropriate brand name from the drop-down menu.

2. Click "Connect a trademark".

3. Enter the required trademark information and click “Connect trademark.”

To add multiple trademarks in bulk to a brand that has already been enrolled, please login in to your account.

1. Click "Manage" from the navigation and select “Manage intellectual property.” If you have more than one brand enrolled in Brand Registry, select the appropriate brand name from the drop-down menu.

2. Click "Connect multiple trademarks".

3. Download the template and enter the required information in the template.

4. Upload the completed template.

Please be sure all trademarks in the file apply to the selected brand. This form should be used for requests of 10 or more trademarks. To connect fewer than 10 trademarks, please select “Connect a trademark” on the previous page.

To confirm that your request was submitted successfully, click the ‘Requests” tab on that page and review the latest trademark entry.

Allow up to 30 days for your request to be processed. During this time, we may reach out to verify trademark ownership.

Once we’ve processed your request, you’ll receive an email with an approval notice or a reason for rejecting the additional trademark. If the request has been approved, the trademark will appear under the “Connected” tab. If the request has been rejected, the trademark will remain under the ‘Request” tab.

For more information about additional trademarks, please visit the Help section located in Brand Registry Portal.
Can Amazon Brand Registry help with utility patent disputes?
Yes. For brands with a utility patent, Brand Registry offers a neutral evaluation process within the Report a Violation tool. Currently available only in the US, the Amazon Patent Evaluation Express (APEX) program brings in neutral third-party evaluators who are attorneys skilled in patent analysis, to decide whether an asserted utility patent is infringed. The process is an efficient means for utility patent owners and those accused of patent infringement to address their concerns – it is faster than the court system and is free for the party that the evaluator determines is correct. After reviewing the participants’ written submissions, the evaluator makes a decision, which Amazon follows. Utility patent disputes handled through this process were decided in an average of 7 weeks, significantly faster than the median time-to-trial of 2.4 years for a U.S. patent lawsuit.
How does Amazon Patent Evaluation Express (APEX) work?
Currently only available in the US, brands who are utility patent owners and who suspect patent infringement can apply for APEX in the Report a Violation tool in the Brand Registry Portal.

Once submitted, we notify sellers listing on reported ASINs of the process so they can participate in an evaluation and defend their claim if they so choose.

Participation in an evaluation requires both parties to deposit $4,000 with the neutral evaluator. Amazon does not handle the deposit and does not retain any portion of the evaluator’s fee. The evaluator reviews submissions and determines whether the reported listings infringe the patent.

The winning participant receives their $4,000 deposit back. If the evaluator determines the reported ASINs infringe, Amazon removes them. If the evaluator finds in the seller’s favor, Amazon takes no action.

Once an evaluation is complete, if an application meets the criteria for an APEX ID, utility patent owners are granted an APEX ID associated with this decision; brands can use the APEX ID from the winning evaluation to report future infringement of that patent through Report a Violation.

Manage Brand Registry users

Is it possible for agents that represent a brand, as well as additional users, to get access to Amazon Brand Registry?
Yes. Once a rights owner has enrolled a brand in Brand Registry, they are assigned the roles of Rights Owner and Administrator. The administrator can then add or remove users by logging in to their Brand Registry account and selecting “User permissions” under “Settings.” Please note that additional users will need to create their own Brand Registry account, which can be created using their existing Vendor or Seller Central credentials.
  • To manage existing users: Click “Manage” next to each user and grant roles to the user or remove the roles from the user under your selected brands.
  • To add new users: Click “Invite a user to your brand” and fill in the required information, then click “Send invitation.” The new users will need to accept the invitation in order to be added.
For more information about Brand Registry roles, please log in to your Brand Registry account and visit the Help section or watch this video: Manage Amazon Brand Registry roles.
Can I access my brand if the current Brand Registry Administrator has left the company, or if I acquired a brand or purchased a trademark but the previous owner remains the Administrator?
Yes. Please contact us to get help accessing your brand.

In order to do so, you must be the owner of the brand and ensure there are no other active Administrators under the brand. If there are other active Administrators, you will need to contact them directly to request access or share your contact details with the Administrator when prompted in the Brand Registry application . If you have acquired the brand from the previous owner, please make sure the trademark record at the related government trademark office reflects the ownership change.
I am having trouble logging in or accessing my brands. What should I do?
If your brand is already enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry, but you do not see any of your enrolled brands when logged in to your Brand Registry account, you may have logged in using the wrong email and password. Sign out of your existing Amazon account, and sign in to Brand Registry again using the correct email and password. If you forgot your password, you can reset your password by going through the password assistance process. If Two-Step Verification fails and you can't access your account, you can try to recover your account.
I have a question about selling features on Amazon. Where should I go?
For questions regarding Amazon selling features (such as A+ Content, Stores, Analytics, and others) please contact Seller Support.

Amazon policies and processes

What is Amazon’s policy on protection of intellectual property?
Amazon does not allow listings that violate the intellectual property rights of rights owners. For detailed information, please review Amazon’s Intellectual Property (IP) policy. We encourage rights owners who have concerns regarding the misuse of their intellectual property to notify us using the Report a Violation tool in Amazon Brand Registry. To learn more about the Report a Violation tool, please log in to your Brand Registry account and visit the Help section.
How can I report policy violations or other forms of abuse not related to intellectual property?
You can report violations not related to intellectual property at any time through our Amazon Brand Registry Support team. Follow the instructions below to contact us:
  • Log in to your Brand Registry account
  • Click on “Contact Brand Support” under the “Support” section
  • Using the menu on the left-hand side of the page, navigate to the type of issue you would like to report (e.g., click on “Report a marketplace policy violation” to report issues such as “Product not as described.”)
Can I report alleged intellectual property infringements if I do not have an Amazon Brand Registry user account?
Yes. Amazon provides a publicly available form for reporting alleged intellectual property infringements such as copyright, trademark, and patent concerns.
What is Amazon’s Brand Name Policy?
Log in to Seller Central to learn more about Amazon’s Brand Name Policy.

Getting help

How can I get help from the Amazon Brand Registry team?
Already enrolled? Please sign in to the Brand Registry Portal. Our specialists on the Brand Registry Support team are standing by to provide assistance on issues related to protecting your brand on Amazon. If you are not enrolled, please review eligibility requirements to learn more about Amazon Brand Registry and the enrollment process.
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