Build your intellectual
property portfolio

Registering your intellectual property (IP) is the first step to protecting your brand. Brands enrolled in IP Accelerator also get quicker access to Brand Registry benefits.

Take the stress out of establishing intellectual property rights

We created IP Accelerator specifically with small and medium businesses in mind, to make it easier and more cost effective to protect your brand.
Save time and money with vetted IP law firms
Sidestep trademark registration pitfalls by accessing our network of trusted IP law firms and get high-quality services at competitive rates.
Jump start your brand benefits
Get quicker access to the protection and building features available to brands
in Brand Registry, even while your trademark application is pending.
Protect your brand across the world
Get help in establishing IP in other countries with trusted experts as you expand your brand’s footprint in new marketplaces.

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Brands that have enrolled in Brand Registry through IP Accelerator.



Countries in which IP Accelerator can help brands acquire trademarks and other intellectual property.



Languages in which IP Accelerator firms are able to serve brands, including English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish, Turkish, Hindi, Gujarati, Italian, Portuguese and Arabic.

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