Transparency: Helping Prevent Counterfeit & Verify Authenticity

Protect your brand and customers from counterfeit

Transparency is a new, item-level tracing service that helps you protect your brand and customers from counterfeit

Why Transparency?

Proactive counterfeit protection

Amazon has implemented Transparency checks at its US Fulfillment Centers, ensuring that only authentic units of Transparency-enabled products are shipped to customers.

Authenticity verification by customers

Transparency allows customers to authenticate any Transparency-enabled product, regardless of where they purchase the product.

Customer transparency

Transparency enables brands to share rich unit-level product information including manufacturing date, manufacturing place, and enhanced product information.

What do I need to get enrolled?

To enroll in Transparency, you will need:
The ability to verify yourself as the brand owner for your products.
A Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), such as UPC barcode on your products.
The ability to apply unique Transparency codes on every unit you manufacture.

How does Transparency work?

Enroll your products in Transparency
Apply Transparency codes on your products
Amazon FCs scan Transparency codes to ensure only authentic units are shipped to customers
Customers can use their Transparency app to authenticate units regardless of where they purchase

Authenticity verification with Transparency App

Customer scans the Transparency code on their product
Transparency app authenticates the product
Transparency app shows rich unit-level information

What brands are saying

"With Transparency, Corkcicle's customers know they are getting safe, high quality, and authentic products."
"Transparency has allowed us to grow consumer confidence in our products and prevent inauthentic product from ending up in the hands of our customers."
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