Proactively protect your
brand from counterfeits

Transparency protects your brand and
customers by ensuring that every unit
shipped is authentic.

See results with Transparency

Transparency uses secure, unique codes that identify individual units, stop counterfeits from reaching customers,
improve customer engagement, and give brands valuable insights to help optimize supply chains.
Verify product authenticity
Ensure that only authentic units are shipped to customers. Whether fulfilled by Amazon or shipped directly by selling partners, products cannot be listed on Amazon or shipped without valid Transparency codes.
Engage with customers
Connect with customers post-purchase, no matter where they bought your product. The Amazon Shopping app and the Transparency app both allow customers to scan Transparency codes to confirm authenticity and access content you provide.
Optimize your supply chain
Gain additional insights on your items at the batch or lot level, helping you identify supply chain or other issues, diagnose their root cause, implement solutions, and improve products with minimal disruption to your business.

Simple, yet powerful

Choose which products
you want to enroll.
Apply Transparency codes
to your selected products.
Transparency codes are
scanned to ensure only
authentic units are shipped.
Customers can scan to
confirm product authenticity,
regardless of where they made
their purchase.
Engage with customers using product data, images, videos, promotions, and more.

Connect your codes with Transparency

Serialize your own products? Use your existing unique codes to proactively create a consistent experience for customers more quickly and at scale.

Protect your brand with the power
of Amazon



Brands enrolled with Transparency.


1.6 B+

Product units enrolled in Transparency have been authenticated as genuine through code scan verification, whether sold in Amazon’s store or elsewhere in the retail supply chain.



Countries in which products are protected when enrolled in Transparency.


From startups to Fortune 500 companies

join the growing number of brands proactively protecting customers with Transparency.

How do I get started with Transparency?

To login and be eligible to create a Transparency account you must:

• Enroll in Brand Registry with a government-registered trademark. Trademarks with "pending" status are not eligible to enroll in Transparency. Click here to get enrolled in Brand Registry.
• You also must have the role of Right’s Owner in Brand Registry. Please use your Right’s Owner credentials to log in and create a Transparency account.
Have a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) for your product, such as a UPC, ISBN, or EAN.
Have the ability to apply unique Transparency codes (a type of serial number) to every unit you manufacture, regardless of where the units are sold.
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