Transparency improves customer satisfaction for FlipBelt

About FlipBelt

Since its launch in 2012, FlipBelt has become one of the highest-rated accessories in the sports and outdoors market. The Colorado-based brand has continued to grow with a series of innovative fitness products, including the FlipBelt Hydration Belt, Miiego Wireless Headphones, the Million Mile Light, and their new FlipBelt Crops.


With their growing popularity, FlipBelt wanted to proactively ensure that customers were purchasing products that they could trust as authentic. They implemented Transparency with the objective of enhancing brand trust and preventing counterfeit products from negatively affecting their sales and revenue.


With Transparency enabled-products, FlipBelt has seen:
  • Their counterfeit problem solved.
  • A boost in customer satisfaction.
  • An increase in orders.
* Results may vary.
"Transparency has been a game changer for our brand. After implementing Transparency to combat the challenge of counterfeit products, we have seen an increase in orders.

Our customers have become more satisfied and made more purchases knowing they will receive the quality brand they've come to expect. With Transparency, FlipBelt revenue has increased more than 20%."
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