Brand Protection quick start guide

  • Registering your intellectual property is the first step to protecting your brand. Amazon IP Accelerator helps you save time and money with vetted IP law firms.
  • Enrolling in Amazon Brand Registry makes your brand eligible for exclusive programs that help you build and protect your brand. Simply enroll and we will activate proactive protections that stop infringing listings or inaccurate content.
  • Use the Report a Violation tool to report suspected IP infringement. Accurate use of this tool makes automated protections smarter and can allow you to be eligible for Amazon Project Zero.
  • Enroll in products in Transparency and our unit-level product serialization will help prevent the listing, sale, and shipment of inaccurate or counterfeit products.
  • Amazon Counterfeit Crimes Unit works with brands, law enforcement, and customers to stop bad actors and hold them accountable.

The first step is establishing your
intellectual property

You’ve done the hard work of establishing your brand. At Amazon, we use our advanced technology to identify true brand owners and give them the tools they need to establish and protect their intellectual property from bad actors. We help you get and protect intellectual property such as:
  • Trademarks, which protect designs, symbols, names, and images used in
  • Patents, which provide exclusive rights for an invention
  • Copyrights, which protect literary and artistic works such as images, books,
    and films

360 degrees of protection

We’ve developed a suite of industry-leading tools and programs to protect customers, brands, and selling partners from counterfeits, fraud, and abuse, and create a consistent and trusted experience for customers every time they shop on Amazon. For most brands, Amazon Brand Registry is the entry point to Amazon’s brand protection and building programs. Our protection tools can be used by themselves, but they work much better when used together and build a robust defense against bad actors.

Improved machine learning

You get automated protections the first day you enroll in Brand Registry. In addition, using Brand Registry’s Report a Violation tool and Project Zero’s Self-Service Counterfeit Removal tool improves our machine learning models and enhances our automated brand protections. The more you use them, the smarter they get.

Tools on a mission

We never stop developing and improving the protection tools available to brand owners. With automated protections, intellectual property violation reporting and takedowns, physical codes that prevent counterfeit products and neutral patent evaluation processes, we work proactively to keep your brand safe.

Bring counterfeiters to justice

We partner closely with brands to collect rich information about their intellectual property and products through Amazon Brand Registry, Project Zero, and Transparency, to detect, investigate, and remove counterfeit items from our stores and identify bad actors as targets for prosecution all over the world.

Let’s talk about eligibility

Determining which brand protection product is right for you starts with this question: Do you have a trademark? To register for Brand Registry, we require a pending or registered government-issued trademark. However, there are a number of brand protection programs available to brands that are not enrolled in Brand Registry.

Which brand protection programs
are available to you?

No Trademark
Pending Trademark
Registered Trademark
A to Z Guarantee
Selling Partner Vetting
Report Infringement Form
IP Accelerator
Brand Registry
All programs below require Brand Registry enrollment
Automated Protections
Report a Violation
Project Zero
Counterfeit Crimes Unit
Note: Each program may have unique eligibility requirements. View full eligibility requirements for each program here:

Protect your brand on Amazon

Brand Registry unlocks tools and programs specifically designed to help brands thrive on Amazon

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