Connect your codes with Transparency

If you currently serialize your own products, you can now enable Transparency protections using your existing codes.
Create a consistent experience
Ensure that only authentic and accurate units are shipped to customers in Amazon stores. Whether fulfilled by Amazon or shipped directly by selling partners, products that are enrolled in Transparency cannot be listed on Amazon or shipped without valid codes.
Increase efficiency
Enable Transparency protections in as little as two weeks by using the serial codes your brand is already applying, reducing cost and effort.
Optimize packaging space
By using your existing QR, 1D, or 2D codes, you do not need to add Transparency codes to your packaging design, thereby reducing content on your packaging.

Unlocking protections is easy

Here's how Transparency works:
Choose which products you want to enroll.
Share your unique, serial codes from your selected products.
Your serial codes are scanned and verified to ensure only authentic, accurate units are listed on Amazon and shipped to customers.

What brands are saying

“Transparency’s compatibility with our existing serial codes is unique. There is no other program that allows us to use our existing serial numbers, also used for warranty purposes, to validate each separate unit shipped as genuine."

Results may vary
Transparency scanning QR code with serialization

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How do I get started?

To be eligible for Transparency and use your own codes, you must:

• Be enrolled in Brand Registry with a government-registered trademark. If your brand is not yet enrolled in Brand Registry, you can get started here. Please use your Brand Registry credentials to set up your Transparency account.
• Have a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) for your product, such as a UPC, ISBN, or EAN.
• Have applied unique codes for every unit you manufacture for a specific GTIN/SKU, regardless of where the units are sold.
• Use serial numbers that are externally visible/scannable codes in 1D, QR, or 2D code formats and barcodes are applied on the same side of the packaging as the GTIN.
• Use unique, serialized numbers that are a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 20 characters long.
• Be willing to share all serial numbers for a specific SKU/GTIN with us.

Available Transparency features by code type

Using your serial codes
Using Amazon-issued Transparency codes
Counterfeit prevention
Truly proactive physical system prevents counterfeit units from being listed, shipped, and sold to customers on Amazon, whether fulfilled by Amazon or by Merchant Fulfilled Network sellers.
Incorrect variation prevention
Alternative versions or materially different product variations will not pass listing verification.
International product diversion protection
Products made for other markets will not pass listing verification.
Supply chain defect reduction
Use Return Analytics dashboard to identify batch or lot numbers, manufacturing facilities, and distribution partners that handled defective or returned products. Get visibility on customer comments to understand pain points and root-cause reasons for returns.
Customer authenticity verification
Customers can use Amazon shopping or Transparency app to scan codes and verify they have genuine products, regardless of purchase location/ channel.
Not available
Customer engagement
Robust experiences to boost customer experience on the Amazon Shopping or Transparency app landing page.
Not available
Product detail page badge
Some brands may be eligible for a Transparency badge on their product detail page.
Not available
For more information on the benefits of using Amazon-issued codes, visit our Transparency page.
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