proves to be music to Mindbeast’s ears

Transparency has given us the confidence
to really shift the focus from just protecting our brand to growing our brand.”

Caroline Gui
CEO, Mindbeast

In perfect harmony

In 2018, newly launched brand Mindbeast brought their vision to life by offering an incredible listening experience at an affordable cost to audio enthusiasts. Their range of quality earbuds and headphones that featured deep bass, exceptional noise cancellation, and prices that won’t break the bank, found an immediate following – which has only grown in the years since.

For CEO Caroline Gui, expanding her sales channels for the newly conceived brand on Amazon was a no-brainer.

“As a small-to-medium business, finding a platform that was flexible, well-
structured, and offered high-tier storage and fulfillment was crucial. Storing a ton of products in a third-party warehouse or fulfillment center is very hard on cashflow, and Amazon really solved that problem for us.”

Just as importantly, Amazon was also able to provide the young audio experts with the deep insights they needed to succeed and grow rapidly. That included business and operational metrics, such as traffic and conversion rates, which allowed the Mindbeast leadership team to quickly and correctly decide what products would best meet the fast-changing demands of the consumer electronics market.
Jackson, Wyoming,
Consumer Electronics
Amazon Brand Registry


Protecting the brand

To further help themselves in understanding their customers’ needs, the Mindbeast team also paid special attention to all the product feedback and reviews they received, carefully scrutinizing the comments of those who had purchased their products.

While almost all were positive, praising the brand’s quality, value, and customer service, a small number of customers reported that they had received a product that was completely different to what was described on their site.

Even stranger, when some of these products were sent back by customers, it turned out that they had never received an authentic Mindbeast product in the first place, receiving a lower quality counterfeit instead.

Mindbeast was determined to resolve this issue. However, many of the options available were time-consuming and reactive.

“If my sole focus is to protect my business from counterfeiters, then I’m not growing the business. We also understood how important brand image is and we wanted to protect our customers, so we knew we needed to find a better solution.”

Taking Action

Mindbeast’s first began by trademarking their brand and signing up for Amazon Brand Registry. They saw an immediate difference, gaining access to automated brand protections and the ability to report intellectual property infringements by bad actors with the Report a Violation tool.

Once on board, the number of infringements under Mindbeast’s listings started going down, affording the team more energy, time, and focus to devote to growing their business and expanding their range of products.
The complaints we were receiving started to decrease and the number of positive comments started going up. It really made us feel more comfortable.
Caroline GuiCEO, Mindbeast

Transparency strikes a chord

During their search to take their counterfeit prevention one step further, they discovered Amazon Transparency, which would proactively protect their brand by verifying that every unit of their products was authentic before they are shipped to customers.

Through Transparency, Mindbeast would be able to attach secure and unique serialized codes to their products’ packaging, which allows Amazon to inspect every unit for a Transparency code to ensure that only authentic products are shipped to customers. On top of that, consumers would also be able to confirm that they had received a genuine product no matter where they purchased it.

“We invested a lot into the products. With the Transparency codes on the product, it’s very reassuring that we are delivering our authentic products to the customer. Transparency allows us the freedom to explore more marketplaces and business opportunities by having our back.”

A sound decision

Since joining Transparency, Mindbeast’s brand has built on the strength of its products, completely secure in the knowledge that their hard work and exceptional products are being protected. Equally, it has empowered the team to pour more energy and confidence into exploring new market opportunities, product lines, and fresh business-to-business partnerships.

“Transparency has really given us the confidence to shift the focus from just protecting our brand to growing our brand.”

Following the adoption of Transparency, the number of complaints and poor reviews have dropped dramatically, and Mindbeast was able to trust the feedback they received was authentic and leverage it to design better products in the future. And perhaps most gratifyingly of all, Mindbeast’s customers are thrilled with the change.

“It’s a fantastic feeling to know that customers are getting the right product every time. Customers can trust our brand more and know that we’re going to deliver high-quality products. In fact, since we started with the Amazon Transparency program, we have seen a 5-10% increase in repeat purchases.”

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